On the internet.

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????? The internet is becoming more and more important in our daily life,we can use it to learn many different kinds of languages and play many interesting games.

????? On the internet ,we have a great time playing computer games.And now more and more people do shopping on the internet.You can imagine if the internet disappears,what will happen:people won't have a quick way to send information,children will lose many interests......It's terrible ,isn't it?

????? Internet makes us happy and relaxed,but it also has many disadvantages.For example,nowadays,more and more children spend time playing computer games istead of doing homework.And because of the internet ,people?don't have chance to talk with others face to face any more.

???? I think we should do these things:

???? First,don't spend too much time playing computer games.Second,if you have played computer games for a long time,have a rest please.Finally,use the internet correctly.It will be very helpful to us.

?????I believe that if we do these, our life will become more convenient and happier.



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